Where to Get Marijuana in Colorado Now That It’s Legal

Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be easy to get right away.  To be sure, there are currently ways to get your hands on it already, but if you’re looking to get your hands on a large quantity legally, or if you’re hoping you can just hook up with a dealer on the corner down the block, you’ll be disappointed to learn that it isn’t going to work quite that way. There is no doubt that there will be a legal “dealer” from which to purchase your weekly stash from eventually, but those “dealers” will be more similar to the pharmacist that you get your prescriptions from than your stereotypical illegal dealer.  In essence, it will not be much different than the medical marijuana system that is already set up in Colorado today, except you will not need a recommendation from a doctor to score a bag.  You will simply be able to walk into a legal dispensary and buy what you want and/or need, and the dispensary will be basically just like any other store, accept it sells weed.  But what most people in Colorado want to know is where to get marijuana now, and it isn’t quite as simple, but it is definitely possible.  In fact, there are a couple of different legal possibilities.
  1. You Can Ask a Friend to Give You Some of Their Stash – Although it is not technically legal to buy pot from a friend yet, you can ask a friend to give it to you.  As long as no money changes hands you will not be breaking any laws.
  2. You Can Grow Your Own Stash – Although you may not be able to grow much, you can grow your own stash in Colorado now, legally.  You can only have a few plants flowering at the same time, but you can definitely grow at least some of your stash, and it’s free!
Finding where to get marijuana may be a bit of a task now, but it is possible, and it is only going to get easier.
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