If You Want to Know Where to Get Marijuana Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
For most marijuana smokers the process of scoring some smoke could lead to minor jail time, especially for those that live in states where it has not been decriminalized.  But for those that need it that are wondering where to get marijuana there is good news to be heard, because there are already 18 states that have legalized medical marijuana, and the list is sure to continue to grow.  But even though it is legal for some pot smokers to buy it, many are still afraid to ask where to get marijuana.  If you are one of those people, maybe a few tips will help put your mind at ease, so that you can get what you need to put your body at ease once and for all.
  • Tip # 1 – Use the Internet to Research Dispensaries – The internet is an amazing tool that can be used for many things, including finding out where to score medical marijuana.  By using the internet for research you will not only find local dispensaries in your area, but you can also find communities of other individuals like you.  These communities can help you learn more about specific dispensaries, and help you get more comfortable with the thought of visiting one.
  • Tip # 2 – Reach Out to Other Patients – Patients who are part of a coop or collective, which is basically an organization of patients that has been incorporated, are allowed in some states to provide medical marijuana to each other.  This must be on a non-profit basis, though, which means that buyers can be charged for the cost of cultivation, but the seller cannot make a profit above and beyond that.
  • Tip # 3 – Cultivate Your Own Medical Marijuana – If you have been approved for a medical marijuana card but are still uncomfortable about seeking out a dispensary or collective you can always cultivate your own medical marijuana.  Not only will this make your medicine less expensive, but it will provide you with anonymity until you become comfortable with your new medicine.  Seeds can be found online, as can complete instructions on how to cultivate and get the best harvest.
For new patients finding where to get marijuana can be confusing and uncomfortable, but finally getting relief from your ailment will be worth the uneasiness in the end.
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