Where to get marijuana in Washington?

Where to Get Marijuana in Washington
In two days many people will be asking the question; “Where to get marijuana in Washington”. Why? Because on November 6th the State repealed marijuana prohibition and it comes into effect in two days. That’s right; from December 6th 2012, adults in Washington State would legally be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes.
  • So…where to get marijuana in Washington? – Sadly the entire legal system is still in the process which means for the next year even though it is legal to possess an ounce of marijuana, getting it will be the problem. Most people that currently smoke will continue to obtain marijuana from their suppliers (legal and illegal alike) but will not have the fear of being “busted by the man” for carrying. Once the legal marijuana system has been etched out and taxable legal establishments will slowly pop into scene.
  • Where to get marijuana now? – As we said, you’d be free from any police conviction if you’re caught with marijuana but still would have to rely on your “hookup”. If you are a medical marijuana patient then you’d definitely be able to still obtain your cannabis via your regular sources but for the “non-medical” users, the streets will still be calling your name. Some people will begin to look at caregivers to supply marijuana but caregivers have a responsibility to their patients primarily which means that getting weed from them will be like getting water from a rock.
  • Where to get marijuana in Washington 2013 – This is where it will get interesting. Legal dispensaries will be opened which means that you could expect “coffee shops”, restaurants and straight up dispensaries to pop up by the end of 2013 beginning of 2014. By the Summer of 2014 you should already have a few established stores in operation.
Where to get marijuana in Washington soon might be a question that can be resolved as easily as asking; where to get wine in Washington. As the State eagerly wait for this massive next legal step they can rest assured that in 2 days…they can smoke without having to look out for the ever lurking “5-0”.
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