Which State is Next in Line for Legal Marijuana?

legalized marijuana
While all of us that live in states other than Washington and Colorado are surely happy to see that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in those states, we have to admit that there is every reason to be a little jealous too.  Not only is it the fact that residents of those states now have the freedom to make their own choices regarding marijuana use that make people want to up and relocate, but also the fact that those residents will see their local economies boom as well.  This makes these states ideal destinations for those individuals who are suffering from a bad economy in their current state of residence.  But not everybody has the inclination to get up and leave everything behind in order to seek out a soon to be booming economy.  That is not to say, though, that these individuals do not want an opportunity to reap the benefits from, and enjoy the freedom of, legalized marijuana. This is why so many of them want to know when it will be legal in their states.  In fact, everybody is kind of wondering which state is the next in line for legal marijuana.

What the Marijuana Community Thinks…

There is no doubt that the recreational use of marijuana will become legal in other states as well, Colorado and Washington are simply leading the way.  And now that legal marijuana has started to happen it will continue much more quickly throughout the country.  But there is no doubt that a few states in particular will be the last ones in line to legalize.  Others will be racing to be the next ones, but which states will those be?

The Most Likely States to Legalize Next…

There are nine states in particular that are already talking about making big changes to marijuana laws very soon, some even as soon as this year, but many by next year.  Those nine states include Alaska, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  That will be a lot more states with legal marijuana, and also a lot more states with a lot more opportunity.  It isn’t definite that those states will see legal marijuana yet, but the talk about town is that it is definitely getting closer.  All we can do for now, though, is wait and see.
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