Who Needs Marijuana Cards?

Marijuana card
It has already been established that in some of the states where marijuana is legal, marijuana cards are not even required in order to get medical marijuana.  The purpose of the cards is to identify those that are deemed as needing marijuana in order to get relief from some sort of medical condition.  But most dispensaries can provide marijuana patients with their medicine if they have a referral from their doctor, without having to see a state issued marijuana card.  What must be taken into consideration, though, are the other instances in which a medical marijuana card will come in handy. The fact is, marijuana cards were intended to be more than just an identification that will get patients access to marijuana.  They were actually intended to, and do, serve multiple purposes, some of which are very beneficial to the card holder.  While rumors have surfaced about marijuana cards being a way for the government to keep track of medical marijuana users, no card holders have had to deal with any repercussions for having one as of yet.  And there are two specific situations in which it may be extremely beneficial to have a marijuana card. 1.      Being Found With Marijuana on Your Possession – When it comes to being found with marijuana on your possession by a law enforcement officer in a legal marijuana state, it is still considered illegal unless you can prove that you are a medical marijuana patient.  While some police officers will let you slide if you are carrying a recommendation from your doctor, not all will.  Additionally, most patients are probably much more likely to being carrying a marijuana card in their wallet than a doctor’s recommendation. 2.      Being Caught With Marijuana Plants – It is also still illegal to grow marijuana in medical marijuana states, unless you are a medical marijuana patient, and even then there is a limit.  Marijuana cards quickly and easily identify patients as such when the law enforcement becomes involved in a situation in which marijuana plants have been found.  This could be the difference between going to jail or having your freedom. Marijuana cards are definitely not mandatory to have in most places, but the benefits they provide may make them worth the time and the money that it takes to get one.
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