Will Marijuana Vending Machines Replace Marijuana Dispensaries? A Look Into the Future of Marijuana Distribution…

Marijuana Vending
It was not so long ago that the idea of marijuana dispensaries was almost baffling because so many people just could not understand how it would all work, particularly those that have been historically skeptical about marijuana legalization.  But today there are thousands of marijuana dispensaries distributed throughout the states in which medical marijuana is legal.  These dispensaries not only provide hundreds of thousands of patients with their medicine, but they also provide hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs in the areas in which they exist as well.  And as more and more states begin to legalize both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana these dispensaries will provide even more jobs, a welcome outcome of marijuana legalization in a bad economy, or will they? A couple of companies that have developed as a result of marijuana legalization have come up with a product that may reduce the need for so much manual labor.  And while this may be good news for the marijuana dispensaries, it will interfere with the benefits that can be provided to the labor market as far as increased jobs.  Either way, we can’t help but to be at least a little bit excited about coming across the very first marijuana vending machines. Marijuana vending machines have already been manufactured and are ready to be tested out, although you will not yet see them outside of your local grocery or convenience stores.  As of right now your only chance of seeing one of these high-tech machines will be when visiting select marijuana dispensaries, but there is no saying how common these will become in the future.  And although they may reduce the need for some marijuana jobs, they will provide benefits too, a few in particular.
  • Patients can spend less time at marijuana dispensaries.
  • Marijuana dispensaries will have less over-head.
  • The automated system will ensure that only those that are supposed to get medical marijuana.
  • Vending Machines offer excellent inventory management.
With any new advanced technology there will be downfalls.  But with marijuana vending machines there are plenty of benefits for both medical marijuana patients and medical marijuana dispensaries as well.  We’ll have to wait to see just how popular they become.
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