Will Medical Marijuana Cards Become a Thing of the Past?

Medical marijuana cards are available in most states in which marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes, but they are not necessary to have in all of those states.  There are certain benefits to having a medical marijuana card, but one has to wonder if those benefits will be as important when states start following the example of Colorado and Washington and legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  The main purpose of medical marijuana cards is to identify medical marijuana patients as such, which allows them to go into a dispensary and obtain medical marijuana.  But since some states don’t require them, many patients are already able to get their medicine even without one.  And when those states legalize recreational marijuana use there seems that there will be even less reason to go get a medical marijuana card.  If you are a patient in Colorado, Washington, or another state that may legalize recreational use of marijuana soon, though, there are a couple of things that you may want to consider before deciding to forego obtaining a medical marijuana card. 1.      The Uncertain Future of Health Insurance Coverage – Even though patients will be able to walk into recreational dispensaries and get marijuana just like anybody else, there is always the fact that medical marijuana may eventually be covered by insurance to consider.  And patients will likely have to go into a medical dispensary for their medicine to be covered by their insurance.  Patients will certainly have to be identified as patients, and medical marijuana cards serve this purpose.  2.      The Difference in Marijuana Strains – Another important thing to consider in regards to whether you want to or want not to be a marijuana card holder is the difference in the marijuana strains at the two different types of dispensaries.  With access to medical marijuana dispensaries patients will have access to medical grade marijuana.  In recreational dispensaries, not so much.  Since the marijuana is used to treat certain conditions, it’s better for the patient to have access to better medicine. Although medical marijuana cards will not be as important when recreational marijuana is legalized, they will still serve certain purposes.  For this reason they will likely not be obsolete any time soon.
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