The Many Uses of Hemp: Hempcrete


Medical cannabis has remained largely in public focus ever since it was introduced in California in the 90’s for its incredible effectiveness treating many of those  among the terminally and chronically ill, but there are also many other benefits associated with industrial uses of hemp.  A material known as hempcrete can be produced with the […]

Joining the Mainstream?: Maine’s New Marijuana Proposition


Exciting news out of Maine, as state law makers pushed forward LD 1229, an act which would regulate marijuana use in the state in a similar manner to tobacco and alcohol. Portland Democrat Diane Russell, author of the bill, has already gained the support of 35 co-sponsors in her state with talk of high tax […]

Faded Glory: California’s Smoke-up or Smoke-out Debate

seal of california

When it comes to marijuana in its medial capacity, no one has held such an endearing relationship with Mary Jane as California. In 1996, Golden State law makers and residents approved measures to legalize medical marijuana, shocking the rest of the country and setting the precedent for the medical industry in the U.S. by allowing […]

The Weedly Report, May 3rd, 2013


  Tempers were high last Tuesday in Minnesota, when Republican representative Steve Drazkowski suggested before a meeting on the Health and Human Service budget that all state welfare recipients be forced to submit to drug tests. Drazkoswki proposed that residents who failed the drug test would be ineligible for welfare. Representative Tina Liebling told Drazkoswki […]

Second-Hand Weed Victim Seeks Retribution


                      Cheryl Hale of Washington found out this week that although she herself does not consume marijuana, because her husband does, her employer might have had the right to fire her. 18 months ago, retail employe Cherly Hale, self described as an ideal worker who […]

Time to Talk Federally


                                              While states have individually been piecing away at nationwide legalization, those representing these liberal-minded states in Congress have also been putting in the man-hours necessary to spark federal legislation. Steve Cohen, a […]

All’s Quiet on the Minnesotan Front


Unlike other states who have been lured in by tax incentives, job creation and decreased incarceration rates, Heather Azzi, political director of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, recognizes that in her state, lawmakers have been slow to be convinced of the positives of weed legalization in any form. She claims her organization will not push medical […]

Live Free and High: A Hopeful New Hampshire

weed next 3 exits

Finally there’s something to talk about in New Hampshire in terms of marijuana reform. Wedged between pot-friendly neighbours like Maine, the state has remained quiet on its stance on all forms of marijuana legalization – putting forward medical marijuana proposals lacking enough support to succeed past even the House and similar outright legalization efforts. But all […]

The Weedly Report April 26th,2013


We’ll start off this week by discussing the a new Swedish breathalyzer which can detect a range of drugs – from marijuana to morphine. This device could help address some of the problems police officers face when determining DUI cases, as blood and urine tests have proven unreliable and are blamed for unnecessary arrests. Currently […]

Raising Arizona

arizona bloom

This week Phoenix saw the opening of its very first medical marijuana retail outlet - The Bloom Dispensary. Located on the east side of town, near the airport and a railroad station, Bloom is settled in a neat and tidy one-story building, void of any obvious signs of its product nature. Debra Howard, a patient eagerly […]