MD411 Strain Review – Blue Cheese Marijuana

Blue cheese marijuana strain review
Well folks we're here with our latest marijuana strain review. Today we speak a bit about Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese Marijuana is definitely a stinky strain and is incredibly powerful. Most people will tell you that this bud can render you euphoric for hours but also can impair complex cognitive functionality. It's definitely not good to be medicating with Blue Cheese marijuana when you need to study for a test or drive. Blue Cheese does however provide a phenomenal social high and acts as a perfect pain killer. Unlike most Indica, the blue cheese marijuana strain does not make you sleepy. It is recommended for a day time smoke but as mentioned above, clear your schedule. This particular strain can yield up to 500 grams per square meter which means that for your small indoor operations, this might deliver a decent yield every crop out. If you are going to grow outdoor you'll find that the flowering process will take anywhere between eight to ten weeks and that crop out will occur by late September. It isn't difficult to grow the blue cheese marijuana strain and you will become definitely a fan of the bud. A warning to stealth growers, this is a stinker so you will definitely need to worry about covering the smell. Other than that I'm sure you'll enjoy every puff on Blue Cheese marijuana. It doesn't take much to get you going and it lingers for quite some time.

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