Dispensary Protection – Another Sign of Legalization

Dispensary Protection
Who would have believed it a decade ago that there would actually be legislation out there that protects a dispensary. The LA City Planning Committee voted to grant limited immunity to certain dispensaries. These dispensaries required to have been open since 2007, pay their taxes and are registered with the city. This means that locally they would be protected against raids. Sadly they are still subject to federal raids.
  • A turning point – When a dispensary proves to a community that it too is merely a business like any other, and when that community reaps the benefits from the taxes; they fight for its protection. For sixteen years now California has been operating a successful medical marijuana industry. The revenue has proven to be significant and the city found that dispensaries are actually a benefit to the economy.
  • The Antagonist – Yet despite local protection these dispensaries are still in danger of “the man” coming to knock down their doors. If the local citizens find no harm in dispensary operations, then why should the federal government have a say. There is no apparent danger from the establishment, and locally it benefits the economy. Yet as more people opt in for these types of “immunity grants” the actions of the federal government will fall further out of favor.
  • The Movement – It has become very apparent that legalization is upon us. Paradigms have shifted and people are ready to embrace cannabis back into society. The obvious initial points of access will be found in the dispensary. This will become the “liquor store” of cannabis whether medicinal or recreational. As more people opt in for these types of establishments more rights will be granted to them. Eventually nobody would be able to stop the market from migrating back into the public sector.
At the end of Alcohol prohibition people were marching in the streets touting for their beer. In dispensary land Los Angeles, advocates and patients alike are screaming for their dispensaries. Like it or not, these types of establishments are here to stay.
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