Five Awesome Marijuana Strains


Some people think that marijuana is marijuana, and have little knowledge about the different varieties that there are to choose from.  But putting all marijuana strains in one category is not very fair because one can greatly differ from the next, as the more seasoned pot smokers surely know.  And although nobody really knows what […]

Chem #4 Marijuana Strain

Medical Pot

Today, we are looking at the Indica dominant Chem #4. Chem #4 comes to us from The Clinic in Colorado, which is located in the mile high city of Denver via the ChemDawg line from the Cali Connection in the San Fernando Valley. Chem #4’s THC levels are at a respectable 22.26% with a CBD […]

Acapulco Gold


Acapulco Gold holds a very special place in my heart, so I thought that it would be pertinent to share it with the rest of my fellow neighbors. It holds that special place in my heart because very recently, someone very close to me became sick, and was requesting my knowledge of this particular strain […]



Querkle is a phenomenal plant that thrives both in indoor and outdoor environments. This plant won’t “shoot out” and becomes a perfect indoor plant for people who have little space. What Querkle does offer though is a bushy plant with plenty of bud scattered all over. It is suggested that growers top this plant several […]

Purple-Kush Marijuana strain

Purple Kush

Rarely can one obtain Purple Kush seeds; mostly one can obtain a sample is as a cutting and that is if you’re lucky. The strain is considered to be one of the upper end strains on the market and provides a very decent yield. The plant will bush out and won’t grow to be more […]



OG Kush has a long standing reputation within the Marijuana community. A pure Indica that has decades of experience to its name and quality. Many other plants have been cross-breed with OG Kush, but the Original Gangster will always be one of the strongest Indicas on the market. OG Kush is a wonderful plant to […]



Mazar is a Indica dominant strain with a tad bit of Sativa. It’s composed of Afghan and Skunk #1 and is named after the epicenter of cannabis growth in Afghanistan. The plant is a wonderful outdoor project and generally requires slightly dryer climates like that of California or Spain. You can expect a lot of […]

Herijuana Marijuana Strain


The Herijuana marijuana strain is an Indica dominant that has a few traits of Sativa in it. In essence the plant will bush out instead of growing tall as is the nature of most Sativas, but the leaf structure is very Sativa oriented. The buds are in essence purely Indica and will grow clusters of […]

Gods Gift

gods gift

Marijuana Doctors 411 recommends this strain as a beginner plant. God’s Gift requires little maintenance throughout the entire cycle and is very resistant to lack of water and nutrients. Due to the Indica nature of the plant you won’t have to worry about space as it hardly grows over four feet. This plant works perfectly […]

Double-Dutch Marijuana Strain

doubledutch marijuana strain

This Indica dominant marijuana strain  is the perfect companion for small spaces. It is incredibly versatile in terms of mediums but hydroponics is recommended if yield is the most important factor.  Due to the nature of the plant a hydroponic system will also allow you to control the growth of the Double Dutch to be […]