Five Awesome Marijuana Strains


Some people think that marijuana is marijuana, and have little knowledge about the different varieties that there are to choose from.  But putting all marijuana strains in one category is not very fair because one can greatly differ from the next, as the more seasoned pot smokers surely know.  And although nobody really knows what […]

Luca Brasi Cannabis Strain


I thought the Luca Brasi cannabis strain would be a fascinating strain to review, considering its interesting name and I don’t feel like Indica get the “props” due to them in my circle of friends. With a 11.33 percent CBD, 17.96 percent THC levels, it is an excellent Indica. Origins and Growth: Luca Brasi comes […]

G-13 Cannabis Strain

G-13 Marijuana Strain

The G-13 Cannabis Strain was an Indica strain of vast curiosity to me as I had heard so much hoopla about its origins. So, the story goes that a number of agents from differing agencies (CIA, FBI,etc.) gathered all of the best strains from the best growers sometime in the sixties. The urban legend states that of […]

Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain

Grand Daddy Purple Strain

Origin and growth: The Grand Daddy Purple, or GDP, is a very potent Indica strain. This strain gives a piney and “dank” smell. The Granddaddy Purple strain is the mass produced version of Purple Urkel. It is attained by cross breeding with the Big Bud strain (also an Indica strain), which is known to produce […]

Romulan Marijuana Strain


Romulan Marijuana Strain is a 100% Indica plant that produces massive yields within a moderate flowering cycle. This plant is a perfect candidate for growers with limited space and that requires a big yield per plant. Seeing that it is 100% Indica the grower can expect dense resin filled buds that will be scattered all […]

Purple Urkle Marijuana Strain


This Indica strain is a perfect indoor plant and will provide a very moderate yield of thick dense bud. Due to the nature of the Indica one can expect the plant to bush out and but you should also be aware of the fact that the plant takes a long time to grow. In some […]

NorthernLights-Bubblegum Marijuana Strain


This Indica mix is one of the most powerful pain relief marijuana strains available on the market. It’s got a decent flowering time and will not grow into a massive plant which makes it perfect for indoor cultivation and is relatively simple to harvest. Marijuana Doctors 411 recommends this plant for beginner gardeners who want […]

NorthernLights Marijuana Strain


Northern Lights marijuana strain is one of the most renowned strains on the market today. It also has some of the highest THC content within all Indica strains and has a very quick flowering cycle in comparison to most other marijuana plants. There have been several modifications on Northern Lights over the years and currently […]

Mr-Nice Marijuana Strain

Mr Nice Marijuana

Mr. Nice obtains its name from the infamous pot smuggler Howard Marks and is a pure Indica Dominant marijuana strain. This plant will not grow massive in size which makes it an ideal indoor plant. People who don’t have plenty of space would definitely benefit from growing Mr. Nice in doors. What the grower can […]

MasterKush Marijuana Strain


Master Kush is an Indica dominant and is highly potent in THC content. You can expect a short plant with a big yield and it can grow in almost any condition. The flowering stage takes a bit longer than usual but the results are definitely worth the weight. Once the plant matures the grower will […]