Purple Power


Purple Power Marijuana Strain came out of the necessity for countries in Europe to be able to grow Purple buds in cold rainy environment. Before the 90’s it was nearly impossible to grow good yields in these climates and thus Purple Power was created. Now this strain is resistant to most weather conditions and can […]

Purple Wreck


This Indica dominant has exceptional potency and is not too difficult to grow. The mix comes from two power house strains Train Wreck and Purple Erkle. It has a very strong aroma with a very floral fruity undertone. Patients prefer this plant for muscle conditions, depression, stress, anxiety and so forth. With the strong Sativa […]

MarleysCollie Marijuana Strain


This marijuana strain gets its name from the infamous reggae star Bob Marley and is a slang word for Marijuana grown in Kingston Jamaica. The strain is very resistant to high temperatures as its natural habitat is close to the equator. In most cases, outside of Jamaica, this marijuana strain is cultivated indoors in order […]

Kali Mist


Kali Mist is a super Sativa hybrid that takes longer than the norm in terms of flowering, as is the case of some Sativas. The plant in itself is long and stocky and provides good bud from the bottom to the top due to significant light exposure. It takes roughly one month to forty days […]

Jack Herer Strain Review


Jack Herer is definitely a special strain and is named after the infamous cannabis activist; Jack Herer. The activist was responsible for epic “eye-opening” literature such as “Grass” and the “Emperor wears no clothes”. Other titles granted to the activist; “The Emperor of Hemp”. The strain that was named after him lives up to the […]