Medical Marijuana Strains for Children

Marijuana Strains for Children
Okay, you guys have heard me talk about medical marijuana strains for children before, and today I bring another case to the table. This time about a six year old boy who had been suffering violent seizures since he was a few months old. Jayden David is a six year old boy that suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome. This essentially is a very violent form of epilepsy and can be very painful and last long. In fact this poor child has been rushed to the hospital many times over his short life.
  • At wit’s end – Parents don’t really want to be taking their kids to get marijuana especially since the “moral majority” would judge the living hell out of you for doing so. Most parents turn to medical marijuana simply because they are at wit’s end. In fact Jayden’s father was so desperate that at one time he wanted to kill himself because he couldn't continue to watch his son wither and suffer like this.
  • Marijuana Strains for Children – There aren't any official marijuana strains for kids but they do have ways to make the cannabis be non-psychoactive. In essence to get high you need THC to get into the blood stream. THC does wonders for certain conditions such as cancer as it cause autophagy (self-consumption); but for seizures might not be so good. For Jayden Harborside  (the dispensary) is making a tincture mainly out of cannabinoids. CBD-1 and CBD-2 are neurocontrollers which definitely would help for seizures. High doses of cannabinoids would help for epilepsy and similar conditions.
  • Jayden’s recovery – Before Jayden had to take 22 seizure pills a day. It would stop the seizures yes but at the same time render the boy as active as a pond rock. Since Jayden started his cannabis treatment however he is slowly getting off the pharmaceutical junk and engaging into life. He now runs and plays and can almost say “I love you” to his daddy.
Some doctors would still ignore the amazing recovery that Jayden displayed and would “warn against what it could do to kids” yet would have absolutely no problem stuffing the kid with 22 seizure pills per day. Marijuana strains will become more kid friendly over the years but that doesn't mean that it currently is “kid-unfriendly”. If children and sick people don’t die from marijuana use…what more do you need to realize it’s a safe drug?
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