Why did Marijuana Become Illegal? (Documentary)

Marijuana Documentary - Why Marijuana is Illegal

The History Channel created this Documentary showing how the government used mass hysteria, systematic propaganda to change the opinion of the most valuable cash crop known to man. Throughout the years the “Reefer Madness” only intensified, truth became more difficult to distinguish from fiction and the “Prohibition Business” only grew stronger. Marijuana Doctors 411 presents […]

Cannabis Science – How Marijuana Effects your Health

The MD411 community by now knows that marijuana has the ability to cure cancer. The problem however are those who are not aware of these curative powers and thus we have created a resource section known as the “Video Archives” which serves as an educational mechanism for the “non-believers”. This documentary dissects the curative powers […]

Marijuana Documentary – In Pot We Trust (2007)

In Pot We Trust is a marijuana documentary that dissects current political views relating to medical marijuana and cannabis in General. If you were to look for marijuana documentaries online you’d most probably find this one in most “Top ten lists”. In aims to provide you with the resources to educate those around you, Marijuana […]

What if Marijuana Cured Cancer (Documentary)

The Following is part of our growing video archive where we track down amazing documentaries to help inform our user base. We believe that through documentaries, videos and other informative mediums we will be able to educate enough people to make a significant impact on the current approach to drug prohibition. Hopefully this marijuana documentary […]

High: A True Tale of American Marijuana (Documentary)

Watch this in depth documentary about the American education system and disinformation relating to marijuana.

Breaking the Taboo Film

Breaking the Taboo

Morgan Freeman narrates about the atrocious war on drugs. Not many people understand what the true cost of the drug war actually is. In this short film you see from the beginning to the end on exactly how much the drug war has failed. Enjoy and subscribe to the hosting channel for more information on […]

Strain Hunters – India

Strain Hunters

Visit http://www.strainhunters.com for more information on these guys. The Greenhouse Seed Company in Amsterdam with Arjan as the guide (multiple cannabis cup holder)

Marijuana a Chronic History


Yet another awesome documentary. Remember, knowledge is power! http://www.bestseedbank.com

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures


Giving Credit where it’s due; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_Mazzucco Purchase Film here: http://www.usfilms.ea29.com/

Rick Simpson – Run From the Cure

Rick Simpson

The most brilliant documentaries on the healing properties of Cannabis!