MD411 Strain Review – Blue Cheese Marijuana

Blue cheese marijuana strain review

Well folks we’re here with our latest marijuana strain review. Today we speak a bit about Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese Marijuana is definitely a stinky strain and is incredibly powerful. Most people will tell you that this bud can render you euphoric for hours but also can impair complex cognitive functionality. It’s definitely not good […]

Marijuana Strain Review – Jack Herer


In this section of our MD411 Marijuana Strain Review we take a closer look at Jack Herer. Named after infamous cannabis activist this sativa dominant will definitely blow your mind away. For more information and a more in depth review about Jack Herer, simply click the link below; Full Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Review

Marijuana Strain Review – Querkle

Marijuana Strain

An In depth Marijuana Strain Review: Querkle. For more information on the bud you can check out the full review by clicking: Marijuana Strain Review – Querkle.