How to Legalize Marijuana

 How to 1 How to Legalize Marijuana

How to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana or Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. In fact archaeologists agree that it has been a fundamental part of human history. Our bibles, flags, clothes and much more were all crafted from this highly versatile and life changing plant. More importantly most of our medicines were based on Cannabis. The future looked bright for cannabis and it seemed humanity would continue to benefit from this plant for a long time coming. So what changed? FedTax How to Legalize Marijuana In 1937 the entire dynamics of society and cannabis changed when the first marijuana law was created. The Marihuana Tax Act was not a prohibition law but rather a system of taxation on the cultivation of marijuana. The catch however was that no one would ever be granted a tax stamp which would allow them to legally operate or grow anywhere within the United States. But this must spark interest as to how one of the most fundamentally crucial medicine on our planet was outlawed when the entire world was using it.     WRH How to Legalize MarijuanaWe can thank people like William Randolph Hearst, Harry J. Anslinger and DuPont for this. If you think that marijuana was made illegal because of health reasons you are horribly mistaken! The Illegality of marijuana was made so by design and though we won't get into the full details of what these people did we will only point you in the right direction. The main reason why marijuana was made illegal was because of greed and power. DuPont was on the verge of introducing synthetic petroleum based plastics and other products and the only plant that actually posed a threat was cannabis or hemp. Hemp is far superior resource in terms of;
  • Being a Renewable Resource for paper, construction and much more. 
  • Being a Medicine
  • Being a Fuel
  • Being a Food
The only problem for the Hearst-Anslinger-DuPont conspiracy was that they could not own the rights to a plant. Everybody who is anybody would be able to grow and process hemp (cannabis) in any way they desire. Thus a long campaign of yellow journalism and reefer madness convinced an ignorant uninformed America that making marijuana illegal was in their best interest. FUN FACT: Cannabis (hemp) was what people prior to 1937 referred to as "marijuana or marihuana". These slang words were introduced due to Mexican migrant workers that used to smoke what they referred to as "marihuana" and was the reason that Hearst and pals chose this name. Since racism was very prominent in America they used this public paradigm to drive fear into the hearts of the people. Some of the claims they made regarding this "vile marijuana" was that;
  • Black people when smoking cannabis became "cocky and arrogant" and even ventured as far as to step on the shadow of a white man and lustfully look at white women
  • Mexican devil weed makes you mad and want to kill people
  • Marijuana made you a slut and much morenixon How to Legalize Marijuana
Once the illegality of marijuana was secured they moved on to intensifying the prosecution of marijuana operations. It was officially declared as a war in 1971 under Nixon despite a national study that said that marijuana was the safest therapeutic plant known to mankind. The history surrounding marijuana is vast. But let's jump into a few other important points and allow you to click on the links provided above within the texts. You can continue your own research on the controversial history of marijuana in the United States. how to 2 How to Legalize Marijuana    

How to Legalize Marijuana: Marijuana Legalization Pro's

Before we continue with the actual steps on how to legalize marijuana we'll jump into some of the reasons as to why you have to fight for this noble cause. When people tell you that "you only want to legalize marijuana because you want to get high" simply remember that they speak from a place of ignorance. It is important for you as a cannabis activist to become aware of why marijuana should be legal. If you notice the banner above it says ;"More than 40,000 reasons why". While Marijuana Doctors 411 will not mention all 40,000 reasons we'll bring up some of the most important reasons and pros of marijuana legalization.
  • Roughly 800,000-900,000 marijuana arrest per year within the United States
  • More than 1 trillion dollars wasted on drug prohibition which could have been spent on health and education
  • Growing distrust of government
  • Blatant Propaganda endorsed by mainstream media (Reefer Madness still continues today)
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Cannabis can Cure Cancer without harmful side effects
  • 60,000 dead bodies in Mexico during the "Sexenio de Calderon"
  • Violation of your privacy, property and the pursuit of happiness
  • Marijuana constitutes roughly 30% of Cartel income which funds kidnapping, murder and corruption
  • HSBC Laundered cartel and terrorist drug money for more than 10 years and was merely fined 5 weeks worth of income
  • DEA stonewalling all research for Marijuana
  • Hemp can produce up to 25000 different products
  • By shifting law enforcement's focus you would reduce crime by 80%
  • It's proven that legalizing will lower addiction as in the case of Portugal
  • Prohibition is essentially slavery "re-packaged". A worker with a drug conviction will be forced to take the lowest paying jobs
  • Prisoners get paid roughly $.49 cents per hour.
  • The United States has a quarter of the world's prison population, mainly due to drug prohibition
  • Marijuana and Hemp can end the US deficit and create jobs
  • Legalizing marijuana would reduce our Carbon footprint and we would cease to cut down trees for paper and many other products
  • Hemp houses can stand for more than 1000 years due to the fact that Hemp petrifies over time
  • Marijuana can cure or treat up to 200 diseases
  • The human body was designed to consume cannabis and contains receptors all over the body.
HOW TO 3 How to Legalize Marijuana  

Reefer Madness and 71 year old lies

reefermadness How to Legalize Marijuana

Reefer Madness is a term we use to describe a period within US history where Randolph Hearst's Newspaper made outlandish claims about marijuana. They would frequently publish things like "Man on Marijuana Axes Family" or "Marijuana Ruins Youth Science Proves". You might be sitting there and think that these claims are quite preposterous and you are completely right, but what you need to understand is that this type of propaganda still continues today. During Reefer Madness (which is a movie as well) they made several other movies such as "Marijuana Girl" to create visual anchors for the moral majority. When these racist puritans were duped into thinking that their medicine was indeed "The Devil's Weed", through ignorance they handed over the keys to their own liberty to men who cared only for power and money. Once Hearst and his cronies achieved illegality they continued to enforce the lie. Hitler said; "If you tell a lie long enough, often enough and loud enough...people will believe it" he finished this statement with "The bigger the lie the better" (paraphrased). It seemed that Anslinger (who was running the Drug Enforcement agency that would eventually become the D.E.A) followed this advice to the key. Since then many special interest groups began funding one of the world's longest propaganda campaigns known to man. Companies such a Philip Morris and several alcohol companies spend at least $1 million dollars per day in anti-marijuana propaganda. Big Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on fabricating scientific studies to disprove the validity of the medicinal properties of marijuana. The FDA (which is essentially financed by Big Pharma) will not approve any study relating marijuana and the potential medical properties of the plant. propaganda How to Legalize MarijuanaPrograms such as D.A.R.E goes even a step further and brainwashes the youth of America to have a pre-disposition and a uniformed idea about drugs and marijuana as a whole. The DEA scheduling of marijuana places it within the Schedule I category which means it has "No accepted Medical Value and High Potential for abuse". While marijuana is placed in this list Tobacco is freely sold to any American age 18 and up with a simple "Be Careful because this will kill you" stamped on the box. Throughout 2012 plenty of "Important Studies" claiming the harms of marijuana was disproved in the first month of 2013. Marijuana does not effect IQ as was claimed by the New Zealand study where the "scientists" happened to leave out social demographics and socio-economic status. While these blatant propaganda is projected on all major media streams studies revolving around "Cannabis has no effect on Teen White Brain Tissue" or "Cannabis to treat seizures" or "Cannabis cures cancer" can only be found on Pro-Cannabis websites working around the clock to expose the truth behind the lies. For more than 71 years prohibition has used superstition over science, morals over reason and pushed an agenda that only benefit a few select group of people.
But now is the time, the time of information where ignorance is but a mere choice. Now is the time where the individual stands up to challenge those fictitious truths promoted by those supposed to protect us!
Below you'll see proactive steps that you as an informed individual can do to legalize marijuana.  

Step 1 How to Legalize Marijuana"How to Legalize Marijuana": Get Informed

Know your marijuana Laws - Before you do anything you need understand a few things about the marijuana laws within your state and within the Nation as a whole. Find out how Medical Marijuana programs work in different states, find out what strategies those before you used to legalize marijuana within their states. The reason you need to know the law better than law enforcement is because when it comes to marijuana legalization you will be challenged on all points. When an officer tries to scare you by citing the law you should possess the knowledge to defend yourself. Historically speaking Kentucky was one of the highest producing cannabis states prior to prohibition but today they have some of the strictest marijuana laws in the nation. Know your Marijuana Laws! Informed How to Legalize Marijuana Find out about marijuana legalization groups in your area - You might not be aware of what happens in your area but the odds are that there are a few cannabis groups near. Search on Facebook, Google and ask around and simply begin to network with like minded individuals in your direct area. Knowing who supports your cause within your immediate area will give you Protest Power if you need it. It means that if one of your Cannabis Activists are arrested or anyone is persecuted for political reasons, you have a small safe group to fall back to. Define your goals - It is essential that you set your personal goals in terms of what it is you're willing to do for marijuana legalization. This doesn't mean you're going to go all out and fight the system with force, it rather means that you use your intelligence and resources to expand awareness around what's really going on. Do you know a large group of people? Do you have access to thousands of email accounts? Can you write books? Form clubs? Define exactly what it is you are willing to do and commit to that thing. It requires a massive initiative from each and every freedom loving individual to make marijuana legalization a reality today.

step 2 How to Legalize MarijuanaHow to Legalize Marijuana: Get Organized

Find people that share your view on the situation - In the previous step we spoke about people within your immediate area. This time expand that area and target anyone willing to help. If it's a graphic designer in Sydney Australia that is willing to make designs for your cause, bring him on board. The idea is to expand your circles in order to get more "like minded people" willing to take action. Marijuana Doctors 411 is currently working on creating a specific place on our Forum where you could create a Cannabis Activist Thread for your city, town or state. Begin directing people to this portal and weight in who can do what. Grassroot movements have a way of snowballing especially if the people who organize the movement maintain their focus and passion on the objective in hand. awareness How to Legalize MarijuanaCreate awareness within your immediate circles - Once you have worked on creating your Pro-Cannabis Task Force as was suggested above you should work on influencing your immediate surroundings. Make flyers about the truth behind marijuana but remember to keep it targeted to your demographic. What does this mean? Simply if you live in a more conservative state then you should choose your arguments according to what the people in your area would approve. Focus merely on the targeted positives and reinforce the good of marijuana for their immediate surroundings. This would mean that you should investigate how much money your local government spends on marijuana enforcement, and what they could be spending their resources on. These are simply a few ideas but please comment on our Wiki section or Forum to help expand the knowledge base on How to legalize marijuana. Create awareness online - Youtube is the world's second largest search engine, Facebook is the world's largest social media platform and of course it seems that almost everyone these days have a smartphone. Use this technology to your advantage. It is one of the main reasons why the marijuana legalization movement has gained such momentum as of late. In this day and age being ignorant is merely a choice. It's true! Occupy Wall Street and similar movements occurred through using social media. It was one of the reasons bills like SOPA were introduced. Write a weekly newsletter, make a Facebook Group, Twitter or Google Plus and spread information like a contagious disease.

Step 3 How to Legalize MarijuanaHow to Legalize Marijuana:Get Involved

NORML, LEAP and other big names - With 18 States having a medical marijuana program you must realize that there are already groups working hard on legalizing marijuana. Some of these big names such as NORML, LEAP, Veterans Against Prohibition and more have a long standing reputation for fighting the system. Most of them have chapters in all the major cities and if your specific town or city does not have one you should definitely see what you can do to bring them there. If they cannot send people to you, then it will fall on your initiative to start the legalization with the strategies mentioned above.LEAP How to Legalize Marijuana Start your own local organization - When starting your own organization you need to realize that there is a whole lot of crap to deal with. Be sure to have an expert in the law to be on your side because you're going to need it. You can make your organization legitimate by registering it, making a website and simply treating it as a charity except you're trying to create awareness surrounding a controversial topic. Involve the press, get on the radios and approach universities. Your biggest support would come from the Youth all the way to adulthood. Marijuana has a uniform demographic that spans from as early as age 18 to as late as age 65 and above. Finding supporters should not be too difficult if you have done the demographic research and if your arguments are catered to the needs of your surrounding areas. People only care about things that affect them, show them how marijuana prohibition affects their daily lives in a negative way.  How to Legalize MarijuanaVote, Sign petitions, Create petitions -  Washington and Colorado showed us that if enough people come together and vote, marijuana can become legal. Put pressure on the politicians and force their hand in paying attention to the outcry of America. Currently more than 60% of the US favors marijuana legalization and this number is just growing yet the government is attempting to stonewall the movement. Sign petitions in your local government, vote on any type of marijuana reform that benefits legalization whether its decriminalization, medical marijuana or recreational marijuana and hemp. Vote for anything that will promote global legalization even if the legislation isn't the best. White House Petitions - Frequently check the White House "We the People" petition board for Marijuana related petitions and cast your vote. This is pretty much the above mentioned step but at a National Level. The problem is that many people don't know about this so give them a nudge in the right direction and when you see a marijuana petition simply vote on it and pass it to all your circles. Generally each petition needs 25,000 votes within a month period to get any attention from the White House. On the next marijuana petition, how many votes can we all collectively gather?  

Step 4 How to Legalize MarijuanaHow to get marijuana legalized: If all else fails

Protest - The power of protest is something unique. Besides showing the world that many people care for the same movement it also disrupts daily life. It screams for attention and if done right can bring major media outlets to cover the event. But don't simply picket for any reason, fight for something the local community can become involved in. It's not about just marijuana legalization but much more. It's about the individual rights of each human being and if you can relate these values of liberty to their own unique life styles, you might snowball your community into legalizing marijuana. Send Letters - Write your congressmen, senator, mayor, police chief, judge or whoever has some sort of power on the topic within your region. Don't just send a mail, have thousands of people send mails. What this does is force the politician or person of authority to pay attention. If they ignore the letters too long it will begin to affect their political reputation of ignoring the people they are supposed to govern which would definitely impact them within their political elections. All it takes is enough people to push in one direction to make a deaf politician hear. This type of letter campaign should continue until you get the response that you and your followers are demanding. evil politicians How to Legalize Marijuana Don't vote for politicians who - They stonewalling? Not a problem! Besides picketing with your Pro-Cannabis Task Force you should also begin to promote politicians that support your views. Don't just follow what is being offered. If there isn't anyone to vote for, find someone! This is your country, your nation and if you exercise your citizenry with such apathy then marijuana maybe should be illegal and we should be jailing 800,000 people per year. That was sarcasm by the way. Take charge of your political system, for far too long have we allowed politicians to be bought out by big business and to have rights sold for pocket change to the highest bidder. If they don't listen to you, show them in the polls you mean business!    

Bottom Line

protest How to Legalize Marijuana We are many they are few - There are literally millions of cannabis smokers all over the world. A 2008 estimate placed us within the 219 million margin world wide. This means that a quarter of a billion people are actively being persecuted by almost every single government in the world. With a trillion dollars spent on trying to prevent drugs, they can't even keep it out of our jails. Realize that you have a massive support group standing right behind you. People are sick and tired of being lied to and now is the time that many people are realizing all at once. Rest in the fact that marijuana will be legalized and that there is absolutely nothing that any government big or small can do about it. We the people have spoken! ThomasJefferson How to Legalize MarijuanaMoral Obligation to Disobey Unjust Laws - This phrase was first coined by Thomas Jefferson and was one of the pillar reasons for ending slavery. If you do your research the exact same arguments for prohibition was used for slavery, and woman's suffrage and so many other controversial issues. Marijuana Prohibition is not just unjust, it's down right evil. People are dying from cancer, being locked up in jail, people are being massacred in other countries for an "outsourced war on drugs" and all for what? In 71 years they have failed to keep drugs out of prisons, how do they expect to do it in an entire nation? For 71 years people have been murdered and persecuted for ingesting and transporting a plant. Just a plant!   It's not just about marijuana legalization - It's about more than marijuana legalization, it's about your freedom, your economy, your earth. It's about the future of this planet and about equality. It's about health and happiness. It's about truth and choice. It's about your fundamental human right to experiment with your own subconscious. You won't permit the government to take away your guns, you won't permit the government to tell you what junk food you can and cannot eat. So why do you allow your government to throw you in jail for medicating with a natural healing plant? Marijuana legalization is ending slavery, ending racial profiling, decreasing crime, weaving out corruption. It is one of the noblest causes of our time. Sign up to our Forum, Wiki or Newsletter and let's take marijuana legalization to a whole new level. Marijuana Doctors 411 is in favor of marijuana legalization and we hope that our "How to legalize marijuana" guide provided you with helpful information to speed up national and global legalization of Cannabis and Hemp alike. Welcome to the Era of Cannabis!