Medical Pot Defined

Medical Pot Medical Pot Defined  

Medical Pot

Medical Pot or Medical Marijuana is a term used to describe cannabis as a medicine. The origins of cannabis as a medicine can be traced back thousands of years and was one of the fundamental medicines throughout history. Surrounding the concept of medical pot is a controversial and political debate fueled by moralistic bias regarding the medicinal properties of marijuana. Currently Marijuana is illegal on a Federal Level within the United States and has been so since 1937. While the illegality of medical pot still remains, 18 states have legalized it for medicinal purposes and under a Marijuana doctor's recommendation a patient can obtain a legal marijuana card.  

Medicinal Properties of Medical Pot

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Marijuana contains many complex compounds all with different functions and effects on the body and mind. The most common of these compounds is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as commonly named. THC has been proven to reduce nausea in patients being treated with chemotherapy. Some activists such as Rick Simpson has even used the pure extract of cannabis to cure cancer claiming that high concentration of THC shrinks tumors of even the most aggressive cancers. While Mr. Rick Simpson did not understand the chemistry behind cannabis, he was onto something. As years progressed scientists discovered other compounds within cannabis and with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system medical pot gained new grounds and caught the attention of the medical community. CBD-1 and CBD-2 are two compounds that are also undergoing heavy investigation for treating seizures, controlling epilepsy and much more. CBD-1 and CBD-2 are neurocontrollers and thus have even shown benefit in patients with Alzheimer, Parkinson's and more.
"Marijuana is said to contain therapeutic value for up to 200 unique conditions and diseases"
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You can only obtain medical pot if you live within a state that has a legal medical marijuana program. Currently there are 18 states that have a legal marijuana program in addition to the District of Columbia. There are also seven more states that are currently attempting to institute a medical marijuana program within their states. You can read more by clicking Legal Marijuana States


I live in a Medical Marijuana State; now what?

DoctorDone 150x150 Medical Pot DefinedIf you do reside in a medical pot state then you'd be able to apply for a medical pot card if you have a qualifying condition or illness. Some states have a more lenient approach to marijuana laws and requires less from the patient in order to obtain their medical marijuana license. For instance, Californian Law states that "If a patient acquires any type of benefit from marijuana at all, he or she is eligible for a medical marijuana license in California" Other states such as Michigan currently have harsher requirements such as having a previous relationship with the doctor and so forth.

It is essential that you investigate the process of obtaining a medical marijuana license within your state or you could simply request that information from Marijuana Doctors 411. Our staff dedicates their time to finding out the information for you so you don't have to. Nonetheless it is important to be informed about what your medical pot license allows you to do depending on your county and state laws.

Once you have the recommendation from your doctor in most cases you would have to go to the department of health in and pay a fee anywhere from $10-$100 which would grant you validity for a full year. Fees to re-new your card are generally much cheaper.

With the Medical Pot License you would be able to grow or purchase medical pot for your condition. Once more it is imperative that you do the research to ensure that you are not breaking any laws and you must be aware that marijuana is still illegal on a federal level and your medical pot license would not protect you from federal prosecution.

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Once more, every single marijuana state has their own unique system and you would require to go through the venues provided by your state. In California and many other states you could go to a Medical Pot dispensary, grow yourself or acquire your medicine from a caregiver or caregiver co-op. In most states it is allowed for a patient to grow his or her own medication or to have a caregiver grow for them. In Colorado and Washington you can either opt in for a medical pot dispensary or a caregiver, but since recreational marijuana is also legal there should be more avenues that will arise in the short future.

Medical Pot however undergoes a strict regulatory process in order to provide purity and quality every time since cannabis is a medicine consistency in dose is required. As time continues more specialized cannabis related clinics will begin to develop that will treat conditions and diseases based on strain response and many other factors.

Below we have a list of Medical Pot states where you can search for a doctor, dispensary or medical pot license within your specific state. If your state is not listed below it is because there is no legal marijuana program yet, but be sure to check back for periodic updates or sign up to our email newsletter so that the updates can come right to your email.