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Ever wondered; "Where to get marijuana?"

Prior to 1937, Marijuana or Hemp as it was commonly referred to, formed an intricate part of our society. Roughly 80% of all medicines were based on cannabis and even wars were fought over the crop. It wasn't until 1937 when marijuana suddenly became scarce and the planet began suffering. While people still knew where to get marijuana they didn't know where to obtain it legally. That is until 1996 when California legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Since then an entire industry was birthed and the age old question on Where to get marijuana was finally given an audience. The question stated above has various implications based on;
  1. Your physical location
  2. Local and State Laws
  3. Your intention
  4. Knowledge of your surroundings
wonpr poster Where to Get MarijuanaWe’ll be dissecting this age old question into millions of smaller chunks in order to provide you the clarity you obviously need. If there is anything that anyone who has some experience with cannabis can tell you is; “If you want to get marijuana, there are ways to do it”. Even in states where marijuana is not accepted people are still getting jailed for marijuana possession, dealing and so forth. This is empirical evidence that proves that marijuana is essentially all over the world. The intention of prohibition and the idea of eradicating marijuana is as far-fetched as believing in the Easter Bunny. Whether or not you live in a legal marijuana State or a prohibition state there is always a way to get marijuana, you simply need to know how. Now, we do not encourage breaking the law in any manner and it is important to stress that. Marijuana is the most persecuted drug on the prohibition agenda and poses the greatest threat to the Drug War Machine if legalized. Be warned that if you are caught with marijuana in a prohibition State you could face serious jail time and be tainted forever or until marijuana is once more legalized globally. Yet despite this warning people continue to risk their freedom for the sake of a plant. This begs the question; is marijuana just a plant?  

Is marijuana just a plant?

  hydro super purple Where to Get MarijuanaPhysically speaking, yes! Marijuana is nothing more than a plant that grows from a seed when planted in the ground, watered and given enough light. There is nothing mystical or dangerous about this plant. You cannot die if you ingest this plant in its raw form or smoked. The LD-50 of cannabis is set so high that you would need to consume 1500 pounds within 15 minutes to overdose. Yet marijuana isn't just a plant either. It is a powerful medicine that has the potential to cure cancer as well as a versatile crop that can replace timber based paper, gasoline, plastics and much more. Cannabis was said to be the first million dollar crop and generates more money than corn. The current illegal cannabis market is estimated to be in the $300 billion to the $350 billion dollar range worldwide.  The United States however is the world’s largest consumer of illicit drugs and marijuana is by far their choice drug. Besides being just a plant, it’s also a renewable resource for construction; it’s also about civil liberties and racial discrimination. Marijuana has evolved from the plant category and has now become a social battleground for pro cannabis enthusiasts and prohibitionists. It was only because of prohibition that people started asking where to get marijuana. Although even if the DEA or local law enforcement busts you for marijuana, you would be happily introduced to heroin, cocaine and a wide range of other drugs in prison. Prohibition has failed to the point of not even being able to keep drugs out of prisons, how do they expect to keep it out of the country? It is essential to understand in what situation we are in order to be able to know exactly where to find the best marijuana regardless of your physical location, intention and so forth.

Where to Get Marijuana: Prohibition States

images 6 Where to Get MarijuanaNOTE: We are not endorsing any illegal activities. We are merely disclosing the following information as to shed light on the epic failure of prohibition. We wish to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that marijuana prohibition has never, and will never work. Marijuana Doctors 411 relinquishes any responsibility to the actions of the people who read this material with mal-intent.  

What does Marijuana Prohibition mean?

Marijuana Prohibition essentially means that if you are caught;
  • In possession of Marijuana
  • Cultivating Marijuana
  • Selling Marijuana
  • Transporting Marijuana
You could face criminal charges and jail time depending on the severity of the laws within your immediate surroundings. There are severity-scales depending on the amount you had on you, the location you were caught at, if you sold to a minor or not, whether you were transporting across state lines and many other factors. More people are in jail for Marijuana than all other drugs combined which should give you an indication on what prohibition really means, a War on Pot! Yet despite billions of dollars being thrown into the Black hole known as the War on Drugs, it seems that all efforts are for naught. People are still purchasing, cultivating, trafficking, smoking marijuana despite whatever fine, threat or danger the government wishes to impose on the user. Within a Prohibition State there are several ways to obtain marijuana and here are some of the most common ways;images 1 Where to Get Marijuana
  • Your Immediate Network – Believe it or not, you probably are a lot closer to getting marijuana than you might think. Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone but it does include a large demographic. Due to the vast number of people who smoke marijuana in the United States you have a 1 in 5 chance to know someone who consumes marijuana. By simply networking within your immediate social circle or a few acquaintances the odds are you’d not have a difficult time getting your marijuana. You won’t be able to ensure quality through this method but you would have a contact to gain access to the world of cannabis.
  • The Internet – You might be surprised to find out, or it might come as no surprise at all that the Internet is being used to find marijuana. People use sites like Craig’s list or even Facebook and Twitter to find marijuana in the area. Some people use codenames while other people make public announcements that they sell marijuana, even in prohibition states. The problem with this approach is that you have no direct link to the “hook up” which means that you could either be set up, scammed or something along those lines. This method is a wild card and should mainly be avoided.
  • College and University socializing spots – Let’s say you don’t know anyone personally and don’t want to approach the Internet you can always go to the demographic that is known for its pot use. Everybody in college knows someone who smokes marijuana, maybe not personally but they are sure to help you on your way to get a baggy of green. Most people are afraid to simply approach strangers but in most cases that is the way you’ll have to get it if you don’t have a connection yourself.
  • Home Grown – The final way of getting marijuana is what many people in prohibition states do. Most people find that growing 1-3 plants is sufficient to create a steady supply and concealable enough to not get caught. Usually they purchase high grade cannabis seeds from Seed banks and then either use CFL Grow boxes due to low energy consumption and adaptability to space. These are normally referred to as “Closet Grow Operations
While marijuana prohibition still attempts to snuff out these venues of obtaining marijuana, they simply cannot monitor everyone. A small grow operation in a closet has a very low detect-ability ratio which means if the person doesn't talk about it, doesn't make known that he or she is growing, then the odds are they would be able to produce their harvest without a hitch. In many cases however people begin to relax when cultivating and in turn makes a vital mistake which ultimately brings the cops knocking on their doors.

Where to Get Marijuana: Medical Marijuana States

images Where to Get Marijuana Medical Marijuana is a concept that describes a program where qualifying patients can obtain marijuana for medicinal purposes if they own a valid medical marijuana license. In order to obtain a license it is essential to get the recommendation of a physician within the state. With this recommendation the patient would be able to obtain legal access to marijuana dispensaries where they would be able to purchase high grade marijuana strains at a consistent rate. Marijuana Doctors 411 recommends the medical marijuana route to all those who reside within Medical Marijuana States. Pages like MD411 acts as a guide for patients in need of information on where to get a medical marijuana card as well as where to find a medical marijuana dispensary. Below we have the steps on getting marijuana listed in more detail below;
  1. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – The easiest and most consistent method of obtaining your medical marijuana would be through the service of a medical marijuana dispensary. Essentially these establishments are sort of like your “Cannabis Pharmacy” except that these types of establishments only deal with medical marijuana and all cannabis related products. Once more, it is important that you have a valid medical marijuana card in order to be allowed access. This can be obtained with the recommendation of a medical marijuana doctor in your area.
  2. Caregivers – In most medical marijuana states they have a Caregiver clause which means that a qualified person over the age of 21 will be able to grow for a patient that cannot do it for themselves. The caregiver needs to have absolutely no Federal felonies or any drug related records. The caregiver in most cases can grow up to six plants with 3 in vegetative state and 3 mature plants (flowering). If you know of someone who can become your caregiver then you should approach your local department of Health in order to see what you can do. A caregiver must obtain high grade cannabis seeds in order to provide quality medicine. Be sure to find someone with a green thumb.
  3. Collectives – A collective is a non-profit organization that can cater to a certain amount of people and sustain their activities through donations. The patient would still need to have a valid marijuana card in order to participate in this area. Some states have more established collectives than dispensaries while others purely have these types of establishments.
  4. Home Growing – In almost every medical marijuana state would you be able to grow your own marijuana if you have a medical marijuana card. Depending on your location you would be eligible to grow more or less depending on your local law. To be on the safe side a marijuana patient should stick to six plants with 3 mature at a time. With the correct cycles the patient should be able to produce a decent amount of cannabis, not including the ability to make essential hemp oil or hash with this amount of plants. For patients with debilitating conditions this might not be the optimal arrangement.
234x60 Where to Get Marijuana There are currently 18 legal medical marijuana States of which would be listed below for your convenience. Marijuana Doctors 411 will be continually updating doctor listings and dispensary listings within all medical marijuana states to provide a premium guide and a quick and easy avenue for the patient to obtain his or her medicine.

Where to Get Marijuana: Legal States

weed Where to Get MarijuanaIn November of 2012 the States of Washington and Colorado voted on legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. What this means is that any adult 21 and over would be able to legally purchase up to one ounce of marijuana, transport up to one ounce of marijuana without facing any local prosecution. Throughout 2013 these recreational marijuana businesses will begin to pop up in these states. While the exact details are not known there are a few speculated venues to get marijuana which are as follows;  
  1. Cannabis Stores – These would be compared to your typical high grade tobacco shops except that the product in question would be marijuana. Essentially these Cannabis stores will be similar to a marijuana dispensary except one would not need to have a medical marijuana card to obtain marijuana. Would medical marijuana dispensaries cease to exist? Hardly! For patients with serious illnesses there will always be establishments dedicated to their needs meaning that the need for a medical marijuana card, doctor and dispensary would still continue (maybe slightly adapt their sales strategies and prices to be more competitive with retailers.)
  2. Home Grown: Under these recreational systems (in Colorado) you can also home grow. Many people will opt in for this since it would be the cheapest way of getting marijuana. This will work for people with a little change in their pockets but people who do not have time, space or experience will always purchase their marijuana.
  3. Gifts – You heard it correctly. Under these marijuana programs a person can receive a gift of up to an ounce. This means that if you live within these states and a friend has marijuana, he or she can legally give it to you without facing any criminal charges.
  4. Marijuana dispensaries – Yes if you’re a patient you will still be able to get you marijuana without a problem. In fact you would be secure in the fact that your medical marijuana dispensary only sells to other patients giving priority access to those who need it.
Once thing we should realize is that the price of marijuana will drop significantly under a recreational system, even with taxation. The legal market will have to compete with the illegal market at least in the beginning. If the legal market comes in at a high price it will drive customers to the streets whereas coming in at a 10% or 15% higher retail price than the street price, would be enough incentive for the citizens to opt in for the legal system over the dangerous unregulated illicit cannabis black market. In addition to supporting the legal system the people would undermine the cartel efforts of drug trafficking.

Bottom Line

mmj blunts cannabis blunts marijuana blunts thcfinder Where to Get Marijuana“Where to get marijuana” is probably one of the most common cannabis questions known to man. People love marijuana, there is no mistake about that, but it’s not always easy to get your hands on a consistent flow of cannabis. The reason for this is plain and simple; Prohibition. Yet this page was designed to show that despite prohibition people always seem to find their way to their cannabis and despite all efforts (more than 71 years) of prohibition the concept is irrational, based in superstitious lies and governed by moral ignorance. Every single day people are accepting cannabis as a part of society and it’s only a matter of time before “where to get marijuana” can be answered with; “Oh, just go down to the store, it’s a block away!” 234x60 Where to Get Marijuana