Fibromyalgia and Medical Marijuana


There are many diseases and conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana, some much more severe than others.  Those that are suffering from more minor conditions can often be provided some sort of relief from other types of medicinal treatments, in addition to marijuana.  But for some that are suffering from certain more serious […]

The Health Benefits of Hempseed Oil: Oil Pulling


*This is intended for informational purposes only. Just as with any other type of oil, oil pulling with hempseed oil is effective in cleansing toxins from the body, but it can occasionally cause some immediate short-term symptoms such as body aches, fatigue, weakness, tooth and gum pain, digestive irregularity, and other flu-like symptoms. Even if […]

Five Amazing Medical Uses of Marijuana


There is an extensive list of medical uses of marijuana, but many of them involve the treatment of conditions not so severe, such as the hiccups, headaches, and minor pain.  There are proven uses, though, that would amaze even the most skeptical of skeptics, even if they would have to compile their own research before […]

Which Marijuana Strains for Which Conditions?


Marijuana can help ease the pain and discomfort caused by many different conditions, but not all marijuana is created equal when it comes to how well it can help your specific condition.  Many new medical marijuana patients do not even realize that there is a difference, and the difference between the different strains can make […]

Medical Marihuana and Kids


Even though “marihuana” has been being used for medical purposes for hundreds of years, it is just recently becoming accepted in society again.  Today it is widely realized that medical marihuana can provide numerous benefits for people with all different types of conditions, but the talk about marijuana as a medical treatment is most often […]

How to Choose the Right Marijuana Strain for Your Condition


For many people who decide to use marijuana for medicinal purposes it is a first time experience, and they have little knowledge about marijuana.  After finding out that marijuana can help them, learning about the different strains of marijuana is pretty much left up to the patient.  The thing about this is, different strains work […]

Marijuana strains for Social Anxiety Disorder

Marijuana Strains for Social Anxiety

Some people suffer social anxiety when they have to interact with people they don’t know. This is actually quite normal. But there are some people where they’re social anxiety inhibits them to interact with society. There are a few marijuana strains that can help you if you suffer social anxiety. Marijuana Strains and Social Anxiety […]

Cannabis and Those Who Suffer From Asthma


We here at MD411 try and take a look at the wide variety of different uses for cannabis and the effects that is has on the medical community of patients who suffer from debilitating ailments. I personally do not suffer from asthma, but I recently had an argument with a brother of mine who does […]

Medical Cannabis for Tourette’s Syndrome

Medical cannabis tourette's

Tourette’s is a condition that alienates the patient from the rest of society. In turn Tourette’s patients suffer depression and anxiety as a result. Medical cannabis has proven to lower the outbursts of Tourette’s. Medical Cannabis and Tourette’s – TS, despite what movies depict is a difficult disorder that causes a patient to have spasms […]

Medical Marijuana for Seizure Disorders

Medical Marijuana

Epilepsy and other types of seizure disorders have shown to respond quite well to medical marijuana. There are many compounds within medical cannabis and the one said to be responsible for treating seizures is credited to cannabidiol. Also recent studies show that cannabis stimulates new brain cell development in the hippocampus. While there is not […]