Tips for Growing Marijuana: Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels

Growing Marijuana Humidity

If you are growing marijuana indoors, humidity and relative humidity can affect your plants in a variety of ways. If the air is too dry, your plants will transpire more and require more watering, and if the air is too moist, your plants will be at increased risk of pest attacks or disease and your […]

Growing Marijuana with Proper Temperature and Circulation

Growing Marijuana Temperature and Circulation

When growing marijuana indoors, temperature and air circulation of your garden must be closely monitored and maintained. If left unchecked, heat, cold, or carbon dioxide deprivation can make a real mess of your medical marijuana garden. Follow these simple tips for growing marijuana effectively by maintaining proper temperature levels and air quality: Temperature affects all […]

Popular Lighting for Growing Marijuana Indoors

Lights For Growing Marijuana Indoors

In nature, all plants depend on sunlight for survival. When growing marijuana indoors, your plants have no access to sunlight, so lighting plays a critical role in plant development. Whether your indoor garden is large or small, many types of lighting are available to suit your individual needs. Here are a few tips to help […]

Tips for Growing Marijuana: Odor Control

Growing Marijuana Odor Consequences

Anybody that has experience growing marijuana can tell you without a doubt that its distinctive aroma will likely be your number one problem if you are trying to cultivate a medicinal garden with discretion unless something is done about the smell. In outdoor settings, the aroma of cannabis can carry for miles to the hyper-sensitive […]

How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 2- Caring for New Cuttings

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Cloning Tray

In the last installment of the “how to grow medical marijuana with cuttings” series, we went over cutting selection and establishment. Before we move on, I should make a clarification. Years ago in my early research, I read that the humidity in a cutting container should not exceed 95% to control mold growth, but recent […]

Growing Marijuana in Aquaponic Systems


Aquaponic systems use a combination of fish, plants, and microbes living in symbiosis to provide vital nutrients to your cannabis, it is a highly cost-effective and sustainable way of growing marijuana. Aquaponic gardens have separate tanks for fish and plant connected by pumps and tubes. Fish live in one tank, and the solid waste they […]

How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 1- Selecting the Right Cutting

How to grow marijuana with clones with cuttings

In the last installment of this series, I gave a general overview of how to grow medical marijuana with cuttings. This post will cover the selection and planting of cuttings in peat pellets for a soil grow; I will go over different growing media in future posts. To start, gather a pair of contaminant-free pruners, […]

Exploring Ways to Grow Marijuana: Topping

Marijuana topping tips

When growing medical cannabis indoors, several aspects of outdoor growing are compromised, and new ways to grow marijuana must be employed to compensate. Some of these necessary changes are obvious like sunlight and rain, so lights are installed and watering must be done by hand or an automatic irrigation system. Others are not so conspicuous, […]

Exploring Ways to Grow Marijuana: Low-Stress Training

Ways _To_Grow_Marijuana_Low_Stress_Training

Home growers often have space issues, especially in an indoor grow. There are several ways to grow marijuana to compensate for this problem. Low-Stress Training (LST)  is one way that gives a lot of room for creativity. No main cola will develop when using this technique; instead, the flowers produced are smaller than the main […]

How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An Introduction to Cloning with Cuttings

How to grow medical marijuana with clones.

  When somebody asks how to grow medical marijuana, a number of topics could come up. Advice can be related to many fields: lighting, growing mediums, nutrition, or pest control, among many other things. Today I will tell you a bit about propagating your cannabis plants with cuttings. If you grow your own medical cannabis […]