How to Become a Medical Marijuana Doctor

MMJ leaf and stethoscope KY ODCP_80

A medical marijuana doctor is a doctor that recommends marijuana to patients, but other than this one distinguishing difference there really is no difference between a “marijuana doctor” and any other doctor.  For a doctor to have the ability to recommend marijuana he or she must attend college, graduate school, and medical school just like […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Legal Marijuana

Marijuana Kids

Now that legal marijuana is becoming a reality, both medically and recreationally, parents are going to be looking for a new way to approach their kids about it.  For so many years marijuana use has been frowned upon in any form, and D.A.R.E programs across the country have went from school to school touting the […]

Find a Marijuana Doctor in 3 Easy Steps

mj doc

It may seem that finding a marijuana doctor is just like finding any other doctor, and the truth is the process is pretty similar, but being that the existence of marijuana doctors is a new concept some people are a little weary about seeking one out without any direction.  Many marijuana patients in the 18 […]

Where to Get Marijuana in Colorado Now That It’s Legal


Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to be easy to get right away.  To be sure, there are currently ways to get your hands on it already, but if you’re looking to get your hands on a large quantity legally, or if you’re hoping you can […]

Tips for Growing Marijuana: Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels

Growing Marijuana Humidity

If you are growing marijuana indoors, humidity and relative humidity can affect your plants in a variety of ways. If the air is too dry, your plants will transpire more and require more watering, and if the air is too moist, your plants will be at increased risk of pest attacks or disease and your […]

Growing Marijuana with Proper Temperature and Circulation

Growing Marijuana Temperature and Circulation

When growing marijuana indoors, temperature and air circulation of your garden must be closely monitored and maintained. If left unchecked, heat, cold, or carbon dioxide deprivation can make a real mess of your medical marijuana garden. Follow these simple tips for growing marijuana effectively by maintaining proper temperature levels and air quality: Temperature affects all […]

Popular Lighting for Growing Marijuana Indoors

Lights For Growing Marijuana Indoors

In nature, all plants depend on sunlight for survival. When growing marijuana indoors, your plants have no access to sunlight, so lighting plays a critical role in plant development. Whether your indoor garden is large or small, many types of lighting are available to suit your individual needs. Here are a few tips to help […]

Tips for Growing Marijuana: Odor Control

Growing Marijuana Odor Consequences

Anybody that has experience growing marijuana can tell you without a doubt that its distinctive aroma will likely be your number one problem if you are trying to cultivate a medicinal garden with discretion unless something is done about the smell. In outdoor settings, the aroma of cannabis can carry for miles to the hyper-sensitive […]

A Good Way to Make Hash in a Flash

Make Hash in a Flash

Hash is a compressed mass of countless cannabinoid-rich resin glands, or trichomes, that are removed from the plant’s surface either by physical or chemical force. It is great for smoking, vaporizing, and cooking; it is very potent, and very easy to make hash from cannabis flowers of your collection of trim, shake, or stems. Here […]

Alternative Medical Marijuana Uses: Suppositories

medical marijuana uses_suppositories

While smoking medical marijuana may offer a wide variety of applications, people that cannot smoke often turn to alternative medical marijuana uses like edibles and tinctures, but what else can be done in the event that consumption is not an option? People with serious respiratory and digestive complications from cancer or other severe ailments can […]