Will Washington and Colorado be Attacked by the Obama Administration?

Washington and Colorado

With the legalization of Cannabis across the country, Washington and Colorado got the magic wand wave of cannabis legalization for recreational use. However, despite this great advance in the fight for Country wide prohibition, there has been talk that Obama may pursue these states since cannabis is still a Section 1 drug under federal law. […]

Medical Marijuana in California

Medical Marihuana in California

Medical Marijuana in California makes reference to the buds of the marijuana plant that give the herbal therapy that is recommended by prescribing doctor. Many new strains are being created by local marijuana dispensaries, creating branding for that particular dispensary and/or region. This type of marijuana is gaining momentum throughout the United States and has […]

Legal Marijuana – It’s a Reality now!


Well ladies and gentlemen of the jury, legal marijuana is finally here. In Washington and Colorado marijuana was made legal for personal consumption and retail. What does this mean?  In essence you would be able to purchase marijuana legally in a store. The retail, consumption and production of marijuana will now be regulated and taxed. […]

Rhode Island Medical Marijuana

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Medical Marijuana program fist was institutionalized in 2006. Under this program patients have the right to obtain Marijuana as a medical treatment for a long list of diseases and debilitating conditions. In order to legally be involved with the system the patient is required to have a written recommendation from a registered […]

Oregon Medical Marijuana


The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was first made into law in 1998, a year after California initially legalized in 1997. This new system allowed patients with debilitating diseases or chronic disorders to obtain safe access to Marijuana that eases their suffering. In order to obtain a license to participate in the Medical Marijuana program one […]

New Mexico Medical Marijuana

New MExico

New Mexico first institutionalized a Medical Marijuana program in 2007 which allows patients to have safe access to Marijuana without facing any legal repercussions or criminal proceedings when caught with cannabis. New Mexico implements a completely different approach to Marijuana as opposed to other states in terms of not allowing Marijuana Dispensaries. New Mexico created […]

Nevada Medical Marijuana


Since 2001 Nevada Adopted a Medical Marijuana program and protected all qualified patients from criminal convictions when using marijuana. This means that a patient can legally possess, cultivate and consume marijuana without having to face any legal repercussions. A patient can only become eligible for the Nevada Medical Marijuana program if he/she obtains a physician’s […]

Montana Medical Marijuana


The Montana Medical Marijuana system was first created in 2004 but currently is restricted by the State government. The reason why the Montana system is currently restricted is because it has been one of the most popular programs in the country. Since 2004 until now more than 27000 patients have registered for the program. While […]

Michigan Medical Marijuana


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program was first institutionalized in 2004 and provides protection for qualified patients against Marijuana Laws. In essence the program allows patients to use marijuana to treat a long list of diseases and disorders and to ultimately provide relief to suffering. Patients will be required to register and will be granted a […]

Maine Medical Marijuana


The Maine Medical Marijuana program refers to a system that allows qualified patients with debilitating diseases and disorders, safe access to Marijuana to relieve their symptoms. In essence this means that a patient or a caregiver that is caught with marijuana will not face any legal repercussions of any sort. This relates to the possession, […]