The Health Benefits of Hempseed Oil: Oil Pulling


*This is intended for informational purposes only. Just as with any other type of oil, oil pulling with hempseed oil is effective in cleansing toxins from the body, but it can occasionally cause some immediate short-term symptoms such as body aches, fatigue, weakness, tooth and gum pain, digestive irregularity, and other flu-like symptoms. Even if […]

The Many Uses of Hemp: Hempcrete


Medical cannabis has remained largely in public focus ever since it was introduced in California in the 90’s for its incredible effectiveness treating many of those  among the terminally and chronically ill, but there are also many other benefits associated with industrial uses of hemp.  A material known as hempcrete can be produced with the […]

Legal Marijuana and Equality

legal marijuana

You might by now be aware that prohibition targets minorities. You might also be aware that most long term drug offenders for mere possession are minorities as well. Not only will legal marijuana do away with decades worth of racial profiling, it will also bring the common man back onto an equal playing field in […]

Changing the Game- Hemp Strength and “Green” Solutions


It is a travesty to know that cannabis (and hemp) is illegal after realizing what can be done, not only with as a medical treatment, but with hemp to build industrial products. Hemp strength has been clearly overlooked. We all understand how ridiculous its prohibition is, but seeing the different things that can be done […]

Industrial Applications of Cannabis


We should all have a pretty good grasp on the medicinal qualities and health benefits that marijuana have on the body of ailing patients, but in our haste some of us may overlooked what industrial marijuana can mean to our economy and environment. Our arguments can only be strengthened with further data of our cause. […]

Medical Marijuana and why the Government hates it

Medical marijuana and the government

We have now more than 16 years of medical marijuana and tens of thousands of people have felt its benefits. But even though there is evidence that suggest that marijuana kills cancer, helps with autism, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and much more the government continues to maintain its status as a Schedule I drug. Medical […]

Legal Marijuana – The New Gold Rush

With Colorado, Washington and Oregon voting on legalizing marijuana people will soon begin to realize that legal marijuana is the new gold rush. Not only does marijuana provide medical benefits, it also has plenty of industrial uses. Jobs – Legal marijuana has the potential to create thousands of new jobs. From cultivation to processing and […]