Legal Marijuana – A Concept of the Future or a Concept from the Past


Many people today are shocked at the idea of legal marijuana, even if there are even more people who believe it should be legalized.  But what many of those individuals who are shocked by the idea of legalized marijuana may be surprised to find out is that prior to the early 1900’s marijuana was already […]

Marijuana: Wonder Diet?


When people think of marijuana the last thing that comes to mind is weight loss. One of the most well known side effects of cannabis is the “munchies”, which makes weight loss for users seem unlikely to say the least. But according to a new Oxford study, recently published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, […]

The Many Uses of Hemp: Hempcrete


Medical cannabis has remained largely in public focus ever since it was introduced in California in the 90’s for its incredible effectiveness treating many of those  among the terminally and chronically ill, but there are also many other benefits associated with industrial uses of hemp.  A material known as hempcrete can be produced with the […]

What Will New York State Medical Marijuana Law Be Like?


New York is one of the many states that have not yet legalized the medical use of marijuana, but that is very close to doing so.  The fact is, the process of marijuana legalization is one that takes a lot of time and a lot of work.  Research has to be conducted, law makers need […]

Which State is Next in Line for Legal Marijuana?

legalized marijuana

While all of us that live in states other than Washington and Colorado are surely happy to see that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in those states, we have to admit that there is every reason to be a little jealous too.  Not only is it the fact that residents of those […]

What You Can Do to Help Legalize Marijuana

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A lot of different types of people would like to see marijuana legalized, for a lot of different reasons, but few of these people actually take any steps to help in the fight for legalization.  This is not for lack of wanting to do their part in ending marijuana prohibition, but rather for lack of […]

Will Medical Marijuana Cards Become a Thing of the Past?


Medical marijuana cards are available in most states in which marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes, but they are not necessary to have in all of those states.  There are certain benefits to having a medical marijuana card, but one has to wonder if those benefits will be as important when states start following the […]

Legalize Marijuana and Reap the Financial Rewards

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Many people who don’t think that we should legalize marijuana tend to think that those who are proponents of legalization simply want the privilege of being able to get high without consequences, but there are plenty of these proponents that have something other than getting high on their minds.  In fact, there are many proponents […]

How Legal Will Legal Marijuana Be?

Legal Marijuana

Marijuana legalization is a great thing, there is no doubt about that, and something that many of us have been waiting to happen for a very long time.  Marijuana legalization is not only a new found freedom, though, but a privilege as well.  If it isn’t treated this way, then legalization could cause us more […]

“This isn’t California.”: New York’s Stricter Terms Regarding Medical Marijuana


New York Senator Diane Savino, a Democrat representing Coney Island, has come up with a new method of getting the support necessary to get medical marijuana bills passed in her state. What’s her new strategy? Oddly, it’s one based entirely on reassurance. “We’re not going to be California,” Savino quoted, “what you don’t want is a […]